Occupational skin diseases

Do you suffer from a skin disease, which is likely to originate from your work? A number of occupations involve specific risks for the skin, in particular for the hands.

If, in addition to the medical treatment, you as a concerned person, have sufficient knowledge and tools on how to protect yourself through for instance specific preventive measures and care, then you are well-equipped to get to grips with the skin disease and to continue in the job without any further ailments.

Staff of iDerm at our location University of Osnabrück

Our aim is to provide you with important information and to find out through individual consultation the best way to protect and to care for your skin.

We are an interdisciplinary team composed of dermatologists, caregivers, health educators, health psychologists, ergotherapists and case managers.

Our concept: nothing exists in isolation - integrated concepts are the key to success

All preventive interventions, most acute problems and chronic illness, require consideration of human motivation to help patients achieve and sustain positive effects. Thus, our services for patients are designed to offer comprehensive medical examination and treatment in combination with educational training. We help you in actively managing your skin disease in order for you to remain in your current job.

Our services for patients include:

  • medical examination and consultation by expert physicians
  • improvement of knowledge, abilities and skills related to the genesis of eczema, skin protection, gloves, management of itching with the support of our team of health educators and psychologists
  • individual skin protection advisory and development of an indivdual skin protection plan tailored to your specific workplace as well as your situation at home
  • supply of “first aid kit” containing skin protection products
  • information about your rights and responsibilities at your workplace
  • immediate report to social insurance bodies according to a standardized procedure for sustainable treatment


Outpatient and inpatient treatment

Our medical centers at the University of Osnabrück and the statutory Accident Insurance Institutions' Trauma Hospital (BUK) Hamburg offer outpatient and inpatient treatment for all severity grades of occupational skin diseases. Our patients are provided with expert counselling, nursing and medical care and emotional support in one convenient location. Parents who stay with us for several weeks (inpatient treatment) benefit from our in-house child care facilities.

The following flow chart gives you a more detailed overview of the course of inpatient treatment according to the Osnabrueck Model.

Our success: what do you get?

We undertake in-depth research and integrate the latest state of the art findings into our treatment. First results show that in the course of TIP measures according to the Osnabrueck Model 88,8 % of our patients were able to return to their respective jobs. Furthermore, a siginificant cutting back in cortisone therapy coud be achieved: 93 % of our patients were completely cortisone free when getting back into their professional activity.