Who we are

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Dermatological Prevention and Rehabilitation (iDerm) at the University of Osnabrück is the biggest research institution for the prevention of occupational skin diseases worldwide. It is the result of a fruitful co-operation between the University of Osnabrück and the Statutory Accident Insurance Institutions´ Trauma Hospital BG Klinikum Hamburg (BGKH). iDerm offers patients with occupational skin diseases outpatient and inpatient diagnosis and therapy with a view to preserving and restoring their performance and quality of life.

Patients are cared for by an interdisciplinary team in accordance with the latest state-of-the art science. Our centers in Osnabrück and Hamburg are equipped with the most comprehensive, modern technology. All diagnostic methods for the detection of occupational skin and respiratory diseases as well as a broad range of therapies aimed at ensuring sustainable healing success are part of our services. In addition, tailored support is provided pertaining to individual work and life circumstances of a patient through extensive workers´ education, training and counseling.

The acquired practical knowledge is applied to further scientific development and research in prevention consecutively. This enables us to develop new approaches in the areas of work-related skin diagnosis, therapy, health education and health psychology, prevention and rehabilitation, and to introduce them at the cross-sectoral level. Due to the interdisciplinary approach and the close and seamless cooperation with the local dermatologists, the majority of patients with occupational skin diseases are able to maintain their workplaces.

The overall concept applied by iDerm is an important step in the direction of modern disease management in occupational dermatology and can be seen as a model of functioning integrated care that may also be applied (and transferred) to other occupational illnesses.

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